Nobody expects death or disability. If you are a main provider of income for your family, they can suffer a devastating amount of financial loss without you.

The most fundamental reason why life insurance is needed is to allow the people who survive the death of a family member the ability to maintain their lifestyle following that passing.

Types Of Life Insurance:

There are two major types of life insurance: Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is the simplest form of life insurance available for the consumers today. The policy is dedicated towards paying in case death occurs during the term of the policy. The term of the policy is usually from one to 30-years. This policy does not include any other benefit provisions. Read More


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance, also known as permanent insurance, offers a death benefit in case the life insured faces loss of life. The beauty of the product is that your loved ones can avail this facility even if you continue to live to 100. Read More


How To Save On Your Life Insurance Policy

How can one utilize a life insurance policy towards saving money? How can one invest in to an insurance policy where in he/she has to pay fewer premiums & save maximum for the future. Read More