Life Insurance With Grown Up Children

It is true that life insurance is an important factor for people who have many dependents and want to assist them financially in case something happens to the breadwinner. Infants, small children & and teenagers are liabilities for a person and people generally like to invest in a life insurance policy to save them from […]

Life Insurance Saving Tips

Most people possess a notion about life insurance that it helps the insured person offer financial assistance to his loved ones after his death. Generally, people are not aware of the other insurance benefits such as saving money. Life insurance is one of the most important assets, a person can possess. The fact is that […]

Best Life Insurance Company

Buying a life insurance policy is one of the major financial decisions one makes in his or her life. The process of buying a life insurance is quite similar to saving money. You can even put the money you pay, for your insurance on a higher interest saving account in a bank. You can also […]

Glossary of Terms

Assured: The term refers to a person who is insured as per the terms of an insurance policy. Benefit: The term indicates the money offered to the policyholder when a claim is made. Bid Price: Bid price refers to the actual selling price or cash-in value of your unit holdings. Bonus: The term associates to […]