What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is not an unusual term for most people in this world, these days. People today are very much aware of what life insurance is all about and most of them even hold this insurance policy. Life insurance is insurance on human beings. Under this scheme, the sum assured is offered as an amount […]

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

Death & accident are two inevitable circumstances in human life. Each one of us knows that death will occur, but unfortunately we feel that it will occur to our acquaintances & not us. Not only death, but also nobody expects an accident and suffers from a huge financial loss due to any sort of disability […]

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Life insurance is the best way to protect you & your family from economic crisis as a result of death or accident. The insurance company is obliged to pay the recipient of your choice, a stipulated amount of money when you die. The amount offered is the return payment of the timely payment of premiums […]

Types Of Life Insurance

A life insurance is insurance on human beings. As per the policy the life insured can easily offer an assured sum of money to his dependents in case he meets death or an accident, resulting in loss of income. It is true that human life cannot be valued by a sum of money but one […]

Whole Life Insurance

The Whole life insurance policy is ranked among one of the most favorite policies across the globe. Whole life insurance, also known as permanent insurance, offers a death benefit in case the life insured faces loss of life. The beauty of the product is that your loved ones can avail this facility even if you […]

Term Life Insurance

A policy is referred to a printed document issued to the policyholder by the insurance company. The document states the terms of the whole insurance contract. The terms stated on the document include features on the premium, death benefit, cash value utilization options & various other benefits. There are various types of policies available to […]

Which Type Is Right For You?

Buying a life insurance policy? Great & wise decision indeed! However, it is equally important to choose the right kind of life insurance for yourself to avail maximum benefits in future. Here are some tips for you that would help you determine the type of policy that you must settle for. Term Life Insurance We […]

How To Buy Life Insurance

Buying an individual life insurance policy includes the process of choosing a particular company, the plan, the benefits & features suited for your requirements. You may approach a life insurance agent or a company representative who sells property & liability insurance for your home, business or auto. Generally, discounts are not offered in a life […]

Group Term Life Insurance

A group term life insurance policy refers to a type of contract between an organization and the employee working in it. Under this scheme, a life insurance coverage is offered to all the employees of an organization. It can also be obtained by a group of some other category of people who apply for it. […]

Smoker Insurance

A new comer in the field of insurance, the smoker life insurance policy offers a compendious life insurance to smokers. Addiction to tobacco products can lead to major health hazards. It is also true that most people, who are looking out for an opportunity to abstain from smoking, actually end up being physically weak due […]